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I just ordered layouts last Friday and wanted to share them with you.  Don’t forget about our amazing deal this November.  If you didn’t know about it then click here to read my previous post.  They’ve already sent out 2 golden tickets and I’m hoping that I can get the third!  So let me tell you how fast this program is.  I uploaded my pics during the day while I was doing other things because that can take a while.  Organization is key to getting these layouts done quickly.

MOM- If you’re reading this …skip this part and just look at the pics!  I decided that I wanted to scrapbook our vacation from May of 2013 when we went on an amazing voyage through the Panama Canal with Disney Cruise Line.  The reason I picked this one is because I will make my layouts and then print 3 sets.  My mother and mother-in-law both went on the trip with us so each of us will get an album (Sorry Mom if you read this then now you know what you’re getting for Christmas).  Christmas just got so much easier because I knocked 2 people off our list!

We ended up with 3,000 pics from our 2 week voyage but were able to narrow it down to 700 that we want to scrapbook.  From there I’ll narrow it down even more as I place them in the layouts.  I picked categories to create my projects in Studio J that way I could “eat my way through” the 700 pics and wouldn’t be overwhelmed.  There’s also a limit to the number of pics you can upload to each project.  I decided that I would start with our day at Castaway Cay and our formal nights.  So when I went to Studio J and started my project the first one was Formal Nights.  It’s a very simple process and you’re walked through everything.  If you make a mistake don’t worry because you can delete the layout or go back and correct things.

So how long did it take me to make 15 layouts?  Not including the uploading time it took me 2 hours.  The thing that always takes me the longest is deciding the journaling.  But if you don’t want to journal you don’t have to.  Every box can be deleted or changed to pic or whatever you want.  So here are my layouts that I made:
 photo panama_canal_formal_nights_-_6.jpg

 photo panama_canal_formal_nights_-_1.jpg

 photo panama_canal_formal_nights_-_9.jpg

 photo panama_canal_formal_nights_-_2.jpg

 photo panama_canal_formal_nights_-_11.jpg

 photo panama_canal_formal_nights_-_8.jpg

 photo panama_canal_formal_nights_-_5.jpg

 photo panama_canal_formal_nights_-_13.jpg

 photo panama_canal_formal_nights_-_7.jpg

 photo panama_canal_formal_nights_-_10.jpg

 photo panama_canal_castaway_cay_-_1.jpg

 photo panama_canal_castaway_cay_-_3.jpg

 photo panama_canal_castaway_cay_-_6.jpg

 photo panama_canal_castaway_cay_-_2.jpg

 photo panama_canal_castaway_cay_-_4.jpg


I did rotate some of the pages to get the photo orientation I wanted.  The other thing I changed was the color of some of the papers because I wanted the Ruby to match our red dresses better.  You can also switch the patterned paper as well.  It’s all drag and drop!

So what do you think?  Ready to try Studio J?  Not only do I get the layouts printed out and up to 50 shipped to me for only $5.95; I also get the jpeg files like the ones I’ve shared with you and the high-res ones so that I can take my file and reprint it if I need to.  It’s amazing that you can print unlimited $5 layouts this month!  So head over and get started… don’t wait!  Click here and try it now 🙂  You want to get them done ASAP because every time we run a special like this a lot of people wait until the last day of the month and the system is way too slow to get anything done.

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