Confetti Wishes Party Time!

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Last time I showed you my awesome party popper invitation. If you missed it then definitely check it out here Party Popper Invitation.

So we used the heck out of the confetti wishes paper because I absolutely adore it! It is meant for parties and all things fun and happy. Get ready this is picture heavy so you can see it all and really get a feel for how amazing the party turned out.

I started by making two different banners. Of course I used my Close to My Heart Art Philosophy Cricut Cartridge to cut the banners. I cut the first one at 6 inches and cut the round one at 4 inches. For the round banner I cut circles to fill in the space and place letters on them. I used the Confetti Wishes Complements to decorate the spaces.

 photo DSC_0004.jpg

 photo DSC_0005.jpg

 photo DSC_0006.jpg

 photo DSC_0009.jpg

Ler’s take a look at our candy table. You can see we have balloons up but I didn’t get a good picture before we took everything down. They have confetti in them! I took clear balloons and put about a TBSP of store bought confetti in them. Then I filled them with helium. The kids loved shaking the ones that I left close to the ground. The more confetti you put in the heavier it is and might actually stay on the ground for the little ones.

 photo DSC_0007.jpg

I used our Close to My Heart Artiste Cricut Cartridge to make the cupcake holders and ordered cupcakes from Sam’s Club. They had my husband’s favorite whipped topping icing and I asked them to put the “large circle sprinkles” on top. I found polka dot sticks at Hobby Lobby and used them to make special sprinkle covered marshmallows. We dipped them in chocolate and then rolled them in sprinkles. This one was a little tough since my kitchen was a little hot that day. I also took strawberries and topped them with cream cheese icing and sprinkles.

 photo DSC_0018.jpg

I even made little placemats for everything to add some pizazz to our decorations. I love to do this because it’s so easy with our Artbooking Cricut Cartridge. I just used the overlay function to cut out fun shapes.

 photo DSC_0011.jpg

I even made some cute messages for the adults to enjoy on the candy table. I had been waiting for the perfect time to use this stamp set! We bought chocolate bars from Ikea and I covered them in cardstock. I was going to stamp something on the wrappers but I ran out of time. They still added a bunch of color to our table.

 photo DSC_0015.jpg

My favorite overlay was for the M&M bowl. I love our glitter paper because it cuts so easily and doesn’t separate like others I’ve tried. We even had the M&Ms personalized and laid a few out and used them as decorations.

 photo DSC_0024.jpg

 photo DSC_0026.jpg

We had the Kona Ice Truck come which was a hit because the kids can reach their own flavors.

 photo DSC_0043.jpg

 photo DSC_0054.jpg

Another highlight of the party was our cotton candy machine. I used the Confetti Wishes cardstock and made a flower holder to use as a cotton candy cone. I used the Art Philosophy Cartridge. This cotton candy machine was really neat because you just put a jolly rancher in the center and the cotton candy actually had flavor! Many guests commented that this was the best cotton candy they had ever tasted.

 photo DSC_0003.jpg

 photo DSC_0379.jpg

You know how you end up with so much unused paper when you cut things on the Cricut? I knew that I wanted to do something with the scraps so when I couldn’t cut anything else on the sheet I would have the machine make ½ inch circles. Since I had all these scraps I decided to make confetti throwers. This was a great way to end the party. I decorated out treat tubes and used our gold bling to decorate the lid. We gathered the kids together and threw it in the air for a neat picture.

 photo IMG_3757.jpg

 photo DSC_0203.jpg

There you have it… an insanely fun Confetti Themed party. Please make sure you like this post and share it! Don’t forget you can also follow my blog. Want to throw this Confetti Wishes Party for yourself? Make sure you head over to my website to order everything before this paper pack runs out of stock.  Head over to my site by clicking here!