Party Popper Confetti Invitation Tutorial

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Last year year my daughter turned 5 years old. She told me that she wanted the theme to be a surprise and I kept thinking about it. Finally when I received the new Close To My Heart Annual Inspirations Idea Book I knew exactly what my theme would be… CONFETTI WISHES! What 5 year old girl doesn’t love confetti?

I started with the invitation but I didn’t have all my new products and had to improvise a little. I found a tutorial on how to make these but I felt like the instructions made it harder than it had to be so here’s a simple party popper invitation!

Here’s a list of all the things I used:

B1440 Fancy Fair Stamp Set
Spring Loaded Party Poppers
White Daisy Cardstock
Sunset Cardstock
Lagoon Cardstock
Gypsy Cardstock
Buttercup Cardstock
Gypsy Ink Pad
Pear Ink Pad
Lagoon Ink Pad
Sunset Ink Pad
Liquid Glass
Grey Baker’s Twine


Here’s a picture of the party poppers I used. I found a great price at a local party store.
 photo DSC_9900.jpg


First you are going to take off the paper top and this is what you would find inside.

I removed the confetti that was already in there so you could see how this works. It uses a spring loaded mechanism that pops when you turn the bottom.
 photo DSC_9905.jpg


Here is a pic of the stamp set I used for the cover of the tube. It was made to do party invites and already had a nice summer theme. I tried to keep it simple since it’s such a small space I was working with for the cover.
 photo DSC_9912.jpg


Using my Close To My Heart Artist Philosophy Cricut Cartridge I bulk cut tons of circles. Having the cartridge to do this makes it so easy! No hand strain from a punch. I stamped and filled out all the circles with the party info and then used Liquid Glass to adhere the backs of the circles to the Grey Baker’s Twine that was about 18”

 photo DSC_9930.jpg

I removed all the wrapping that was already on the party popper. It was lightly taped on so it was very easy to take off.


 photo DSC_9924.jpg


Next I wrapped each tube with the stamped cardstock. I left all the confetti that came with it because I didn’t want to waste it. If you wanted to really stick to your theme colors you could just randomly cut out shapes from scraps of have your Cricut cut out a bunch of tiny shapes to make your own confetti. I used a good amount of adhesive so that it would stay put.


 photo DSC_9942.jpg

 photo DSC_9950.jpg

 photo DSC_9952.jpg


I then folded up my invitation on a string that I had made and placed it in the top of the tube.


 photo DSC_9956.jpg

 photo DSC_9961.jpg


I then placed the label on the top to close everything. I lightly folded over the edges just enough to keep the invitation in place but allow it to pop open.

 photo DSC_9972.jpg

 photo DSC_9979.jpg


So now let’s see it in action!

I know it looks like I’m struggling to open this but it really isn’t hard to open it. A bunch of 4 year olds opened them just fine. For me it was like opening a can of biscuits and not knowing when it’s going to pop. So I opened it really slowly.

So here’s what they found inside:

 photo DSC_9990.jpg



A word of warning for anyone planning on doing these: If you are going to leave them in the kids’ cubbies at school make sure you tell the parents or include a little note saying it will pop open and make a mess. Two of our friends reported that they had to vacuum out the car because they let their kids twist them open on the way home.