I love surprises and a great deal!

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I love surprises and in case you didn’t hear about our April Campaign let me fill you in. Every day in April you can visit my website and shop. When you purchase any current item then you qualify to get a grab bag. You could purchase the cheapest thing and qualify to get one. Each day at 5 pm Eastern a new grab bag is posted at a different price tier. There are 5 possible tiers ranging from $35 to $150 and it’s random which one will be posted. It’s so awesome to get your surprise and crack open the box!


Here are 2 videos you can check out to see what some of the things are we have received in our grab bags.

Here’s the $35 grab bag ($70 worth of product)


Here’s the $150 grab bag ($325 worth of product). Sorry in the video I said it was $340 worth of product but it’s $325. It’s still a huge amount of stuff!


Click here to order your grab bag today!

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